Release notes 2020-03-26

mar 27, 2020


New Report Recipient

We have added support for Visma Lønn (Norway)


New Report recipient Millnet, this is an integration that allows synchronization of project and articles.

New Excel date formats

To support how they are written in Finland, Denmark,UK, Germany etc. And also the possibility to compose your own date format.

New html/pdf render engine

We need to retire the old html rendering module and replace it with Chromium.

Expose settings for different booking countries and make them configurable

As a system administrator you should be able to see the static settings for each booking country. This applies to representation, mileage and allowances.


-Support for subsistence allowance
-App changes to handle finish representation

AI categorisation

Our new improved AI categorisation will be default for new organisations.

Dynamic user settings

Dynamic user settings page in apps

Hogia Lön to Client Application

We have added Hogia Lön to the CA list

Links to Terms and conditions

In private and admin mode

Bug fixes

● Assistive Technology not found logged when updating status from Xledger –
When updating status for xLedger report someone is generating a pdf, this fails because exmachines has not been setup for generating pdf:s.
● CompileTime error when opening report using old approval chain
● Bug in login after performance fix
● The Icon and organization name is gone
● Errors reported from iris categorisation when OCR data is missing
● Exception in checkCustomPaymentsJob for trial organization where admin left
● Missing log information for balancingreport jobs
● Balancing report link is not saved
● ”Terms of services” link is broken
● Delete button on account is gone in all WL’s and Sparakvittot
● Not possible for some users to mail in receipt to
● Timeout too low for rendering accounting basis
● All partners are loaded in drop down
● Hogia partner change is directed to wrong CA
● Not all expense types are saved on recipients
● Unauthorized on Account Basis pdf
● Disable application backup support for Android app
● AI – Iris type public_transport is predicted incorrectly for mobile(isp bills and similar) receipts
● Remove the ’Can delete account’ setting on Org/Users/Customize Pages
● Nordea Firstcard transactions amount might reach Integer.MAX_VALUE.
● When user is deleted, existing billing_items associated with employee must be removed before the user is removed.
● Unnecessary organization template info fetched when saving recipient matrix
● Payment types is listed in company card report
● SIE definitions indexes disappear
● Currency list modified when adding a user
● Attachments not displayed when using HogiaLön Plus
● Link url on accounting basis (Bokföringsunderlag)
● Benefits always sent to integration test reports when using new accounting
● Slim mode problem, plus button cut off
● Cast exception when approving report in new accounting org (xLedger)
● Remove reference to storage bucket in Android app
● Bug when creating expense from DRP
● New Accounting structure – Report diffs
● Not possible to set expense types for reports in new orgs
● Address missing in rendered report when using new accounting
● Summary per account not rendered in preview when using new accounting
● Excel to new accounting bugs
● Timeout when rendering accounting basis
● Add dimension via API doesn’t work
● Avstämningsrapporten – fel användare synliga
● No credit accounting for PDF file report receiver
● Exception when attempting to modify project
● Improve sync of dimensions for WSP
● Some settings are lost when copying organisation
● Indexing not performed on latest object when updated on different server
● No integration test transaction output for added API recipient when running old accounting
● Representation type counter is wrong
● Fortnox, authentication failed
● Auto accounting for debit cards with more than 1 report recipients fails for expenses without paymenttype.
● VAT error representation 1 person
● Iris type isn’t saved correctly from apps
● Cast exception when approving report in new accounting org
● Use backend api swapExpenseRecord in mobile apps
● Typo when failing to connect blinfo
● API, SIE, PDF (JSON), Agresso and Visma Lønn output not sorted when using new accounting & dimensions
● Preview map of mileage fails in test
● Compile time error when updating notification
● Additional price can’t be set to 0 in CA settings, and the field should be wider
● Mandatory indicator missing in iOS app
● Mileage fields in apps not correctly presented for Finland and Norway
● Hidden company image made visible does not re-appear in FN android stage app after refresh
● Kan inte maila in kvitton från Microsoft Outlook Office 365