New dimensions

We have updated Hogia Lön Plus, PAXml and Betalfil (Sweden) to our new dimension standard. The accounting basis also follows the new dimensions.

New report recipient

We have added Visma Business as a new report recipient.

Performance improvement

We do a  lot of background and infrastructure work to ensure high performance, in this release we have optimized the handling of receipts which will decrease time from taking the photo to analysed receipt.

Our API is also updated to optimize adding new users. This makes for a faster user experience in booth the user graphic and in the API.

Autofill for email addresses (Android)

In some cases an email address is needed when a report is sent in. We have updated so that Android users can choose from previously used email addresses, thus saving time for the user.

PDF receipts is previewed

When the receipt is a PDF file we have added a preview instead of a PDF icon in the expense view of the GUI.

Allowances in Denmark

We have added support for Danish allowances rules.


● PDF-compilation in English despite Swedish as language
● Handelsbanken PDF update (företagskortsansökan)
● Reports stuck in TRANSFER after error received from FN recipient during bulk
● User settings leads to a large number of TypeErrors
● Subsistence Allowance Save button fixed
● Invalid error message when attempting to download the output from Files when there
is no accounting for a new accounting report receiver
● When failOnError is set for organization bulk transfer report, reports included in job
must have status READY_TO_SEND after.
● Cannot mail receipts from additional address
● Searchable list does not display search hits
● Danish Subsistence Allowance custom pre-set settings are empty on first open
● User cannot look at/create an expense when missing predefined dimension value
● Iris Analyze: Fails reading category suggestions when null value is in categories list
● New accounting: Default verification date not correctly set in SIE output
● Expense date not correctly set on voucher rows
● Per-user accounting summary wrong for PDF salary recipient
● Mandatory indicator missing in Android app
● Domestic allowance description cannot be entered, but appears anyway
● When deleting the company some customers would like to write a reason that
exceeds the column size
● Double dimension in mapping for report receiver
● Not all receipts included in archive (sparakvittot)
● Broken icon links for recipients
● Removed dimension not unmapped
● Changing month of a domestic allowance expense gives overlapping error
● Cannot add SIE dimension for vanilla SIE report receivers
● Large images (6+ MB) cannot be interpreted
● Per-user accounting basis with new accounting contains summary of all users
● Bug if going to Partner mode, without being partner admin
● Sometimes we cannot select category in an expense
● Danish extra amount for accommodation replaces standard amount – should be
● Danish domestic allowances are not correctly calculated
● Missing FAV-icon on partner level
● Cannot mail in HTML receipt
● Spinner for not submitted reports never stops spinning…
● Failure to send many reports because of caching
● Visma PX cannot select any activities